Here is summary of my #TwitterFiction stories so far:

5:30 a.m. #ForeignPlanets

3:00 p.m. #UnknownWorlds

4:30: p.m. #PopulatedWound #TinyHotel

11:00 p.m. #BoM (Birth of Murdergod)

11:30 p.m. #PinkBellies

11:45 p.m. #FertileCrescent

Various (on Facebook): #TinyHotel

Here’s a summary of each of the stories already in progress:

#ForeignPlanets (5:30 a.m.) is the story of Far Clooney, an inadvertent destroyer of planets and her adventures in an unexpected version of outer space with gravity, breathable air, and an abundance of animal life.  As Far’s powers and awkwardness lead inevitably to planetary destruction again and again, she is given a task by a godlike doe named Sevendoe to build a body planet — a planet made from a giant body — to infiltrate the army of Vampire Gorillas ruled by Michel, the Mountain of Screaming Mako Sharks, to save a monster called Old God from being turned into a body planet himself. Far finds out, likewise, her two sisters, Claire and Greta, have been recruited to make body planets with their own transmutation powers. Failing to save Old God at least twice, Far witnesses a time in which she is able to save Old God by collecting an army of monsters who collectively seek revenge against Michel or his compatriots – Hank Heart, “Murdergod” Ford Fordham, the Babylon Foxes, and Father Hospital and his Hospitlers – who were only using Old God in an elaborate plan to kill a very powerful monster called #UnknownWolrds (whose son, Packer Seen, is also in Far’s army).

#UnknownWorlds (3:00 p.m.) is the story of Old God and The Broken Heart, two birth defect monsters who work as villain thugs because it’s the only work they can do. Old God is a giant who walks on all fours and wears a diaper, but he can summon lightening when he pounds the ground. The Broken Heart is a giant, disembodied heart who floats around inside a silver gyroscope-like machine; his tendrils can send victims into a heart broken paralysis. Old God and The Broken Heart love each other — as best friends and brothers in a common effort — because no one else will. Their job requires them to be beaten up and mocked by heroes, and the villain who hires them too often screws them out of the pay they’re owed. This has made Old God bitter and cynical, trusting no one but Broken Heart. Broken Heart is more often compassionate and tries to find the best in everyone despite knowing there’s little chance of any situation turning out well for them. On a mission for #UnknownWorlds, a Promusaurifex — meaning he has a whole city full of slaves living inside his body, giving him power, except unlike the normal Promusaurifex, #UnknownWorlds is filled with imaginary creatures — they discover an elaborate murder plot by Broken Heart’s brother Hank, a hero who bullied Broken Heart his whole life & his team called The Orchestrals, a ragtag team of superheroes bent on revenge against #UnknownWorlds, including remnants of the Hospitalers, a team based on medical/crusader gimmicks, and “Murdergod” Ford Fordham. Old God manages to toss one of the Hospitalers, Martyr Complex, down the mountain, but Murdergod then eats Broken Heart, killing Old God’s only friend w/o remorse, & he beats Old God senseless. Old God barely escapes but soon wakes up as a normal old man named “Osgood” unsure of what happened to his old life. Others convince him it was just delusions, & Old God suffers a long time in the awfulness of normalcy, missing The Broken more than anything. He resolves to murder this world’s version of Hank Heart in a plot (devised by the mysterious & random hotel attendant Claire Dommartin) that involves Old God hiding inside a column, but Old God emerged from hiding to find he was back on the mountain where Broken Heart died. When he saw Martyr Complex flying overhead, he realized he was the one who tossed him & rushed to save his old friend, realizing he couldn’t do much w/his old body. Things got far worse when he realized Martyr Complex had somehow multiplied into an army & had now surrounded him.

#PopulatedWound #TinyHotel (4:30 p.m.): Stay tuned…

#BoM (Birth of Murdergod) (11:00 p.m.): “Murdergod” Ford Fordham, a self-styled artist of murder & all around douchebaggery, after his first child is born as an army of piranha who devour his wife, blaming and—no surprise—killing the obstetrician Dr. Anathema, vows to kill all of the world’s doctors. After failing in the tedium of repetition to first kill all the world’s chiropractors, a mysterious and random hotel clerk he calls Umar the Unrelenting convinces him it would be more efficient to just kill all the evil doctors, starting w/the Seven Evil Doctors on the Seven Evil Mountains. He’s already killed Dr. Blott, Dr. Elongated Dracula, Dr. Innocent, & Dr. Cripplepillar. Now he only has Dr. #22doe left to kill before his final target: Dr. Jamboree, the evil plastic surgeon who lives in the mountain inside The Mountain of Screaming Mako Sharks.

#PinkBellies (11:30 p.m.): Stay tuned…

#FertileCrescent (11:45 p.m.) is a murder mystery featuring eccentric detective Burdeneye Parnassus who rented a house in a neighborhood called Fertile Crescent to spy on brother and sister Tom and Amanda Wood who lived side by side only three streets down from Burdeneye’s new house. His job was to find out for their estranged father if the Wood siblings were happy. He used trips with his one and a half year old son Cole around the neighborhood in his wagon as pretense for spying, and he used his son’s geniality and curiosity to overcome his own intense social anxiety for which taking on the detective role was meant to be a remedy. Burdeneye got sidetracked, however, when Cole found a piece of broken ceramic dentures with the word “Oloi” stamped on the side. This coincided with observation that the woman who lived on the dirt road behind him had ceased her regular 4:30 a.m. appearances, and the hefty, often-scarred man who lived with her, her son perhaps, seemed to bury something big around the time she went missing. Burdeneye decided he must pursue this murderer to keep his young son safe because protecting his son is the only happiness this broken man has ever managed. Now, he must somehow complete his investigation into the happiness of the Wood siblings while trying to find out if a murder has even taken place only a few feet behind his home. A conversation with the burly son, Holt Hefter, sheds little light on the situation but gives him the names of two residents of Fertile Crescent as clues: Murdergod and the Bird Man. After finding a manuscript called “Birth of Murdergod” in which the author described an attempt to create a mountain of corpses, Burdeneye discovered a mass grave hidden in a communal garden behind the Woods’ homes. He then met the “Bird Man,” Goose Faberbacher, a former kids’ show host who told Burdeneye that Murdergod once came to him for advice on performance but was too arrogant and short tempered to take advice. Burdeneye concocted a plan to host a talent show for the neighborhood’s children which the egotistical Murdergod couldn’t resist, and then Goose Faberbacher could point him out. Suspecting Holt Hefter was secretly Murdergod, Burdeneye invited him, but he in turn invited Burdeneye to “The Train,” which he claims is a literal train out in the woods surrounding the neighborhood, woods too thick to even walk through.

#TinyHotel (Various times, on facebook): Nol Kamminer-Moorhead was obsessed w/a TV show called Tiny Hotel & the way it corresponded with his family & the two other families w/whom he vacationed at the Glass Mountain Lodge. The Tiny Hotel was hosted by a mysterious & faceless old man named Father Hospital who had trapped 9 unique creature in each room of a 9 room, tic-tac-toe shaped dollhouse; likewise, his family had three siblings – a boy in the middle, and a girl as the oldest and youngest – and the two other families staying w/them had three siblings in the same configuration: 1) The adventurous & rebellious marmot named Tallulah Fumquit in the upper left corner of the Tiny Hotel corresponded with Appaloosa “Lucy” Naroma who had become isolated from the other oldest girls in her dedication to her older — distant & presumably unreal — writer boyfriend , & claimed to Nol that she has seen a giant Father Hospital walking outside of their hotel room. 2) Pooja the Poison Dart Frog who dreamed of what trees must be like corresponded w/Pinto Naroma, the cynical, antihuman wannabe thug who stole Nol’s toys to trade for time gun shooting at the local pawnshop, & he and Bucky Tone spent most of their vacation doing this shooting, shutting out the more innocent Nol from any activity. 3) The sea cucumber hand puppet who leaned against the wall in lethargy in the lower left square corresponded with Mustang “Phoebe” Naroma , the wannabe vet who followed along w/whatever the other youngest sisters wanted. 4) Fourdoe, the blue and white porcelain doe in the upper middle square, who functioned as the central character of the show, corresponded to Nol’s perfect older sister Angel Kamminer-Moorhead, a wannabe musician who snuck off to Wood’s Inn to meet boys under the evil influence of overly logical Missy Tone. 5) Nol’s corresponding character was Erblvist the 3-headed earthworm who was blessed w/secret knowledge about Father Hospital. 6) The middle bottom square is occupied by the alabaster beetle obsessed w/its own delicacy & corresponding w/Paris Kamminer-Moorhead who took over leadership of the youngest girls w/a plan to cure sickle cell anemia though she was unsure what that actually was. 7)The upper right square belonged to Picaroo, the Red-Headed Woodpecker who gave mammalian birth to nine babies at the beginning of every episode & functioned as the mechanical conscience of the whole hotel, & Missy Tone, w/whom Picaroo corresponded, planned out the lives of others based on her concept of efficiency, for example, taking Angel to Wood’s Inn b/c marrying a rich man was more efficient than personal success. 8) The right middle square belonged to a marionette microceratops obsessed w/his invisible controller, and this corresponded with Oa “Bucky” Tone who polished & assembled guns while staring creepily at Angel Kamminer-Moorhead. 9) The lower right square belonged to the claymation eohippus who corresponded w/Eudaemonia “Monica” Tone who lost her leadership of the youngest girls to Paris & had to enact her plan to become a great actress solo, claiming she wanted to create a #ZeroCharacter one woman show.

Summary of my #TwitterFiction stories so far