The Castle Obermeyer (Work in Progress for #PandemicArt)

The following is a story being serialized daily on Facebook as part of the #PandemicArt project: The first mystery anyone observed about the Castle Obermeyer was the idiosyncratic absence walls in places one might expect walls to be, between two differently-decorated bedrooms, for example, no barrier but a thick velvet curtain. The purple wallpaper ofContinue reading “The Castle Obermeyer (Work in Progress for #PandemicArt)”

Human Particles (Work in Progress for #PandemicArt)

The following is an ongoing piece of fiction serialized daily on Facebook as part of the #PandemicArt project: Prudence Obermeyer noticed her first tiny human being inside a salt shaker, barely bigger than the grain of salt. She was only a few seconds before pouring this tiny person into boiling pasta water when she sawContinue reading “Human Particles (Work in Progress for #PandemicArt)”

Out the Window

“He was smart. He was wise. He’d profoundly philosophize empathy for all humanity. Till one day by an open window, there’s a note that read, ‘I’ve gone out the window, I’m dead.’ He said yes to life for all his life, but then one day he said, ‘No, I gotta go.’” —The Violent Femmes OnContinue reading “Out the Window”

You’re Not That Special

For the 2100, June 27th, 2014 Secret Hero, soon before realizing she was one of 2100 of the same human, posted a sign that said, “Needed by the Needy” in front of her DJ booth. “Needed by the Needy” was the title of her mix tape, and the excuse would be advertising this mix tape,Continue reading “You’re Not That Special”

Erzsebet Foldi

For the 2100, June 27th, 2013 Secret Hero discovered at a young age she could make her little lavender plastic record player play just by wanting it enough. “Everything is nothing if you got no one,” she heard it play and then it stopped. Secret Hero was frightened when this happened the first time. SheContinue reading “Erzsebet Foldi”

The Good Thing

Brian got the hero bonus at his station in a slow year for fire danger and bought his soon-to-be fiancée a unicorn. Joanna Levesque had told him long elaborate stories of her own father’s abandonment (“he used to come home bloody knuckled, but I never knew what he did for a living, but he tookContinue reading “The Good Thing”

The Porpentine Sisters :oR: The Purity of Raining Rainbow Corpses

Milly Triple Sixes had a sister named Josie Porpentine though none of her friends knew she had any family at all. Milly (according to Josie’s accusations) failed to come home for Christmas ever since she dedicated her life to (fake) Satanism. Josie revealed this lack of a Christmas return embarrassingly to Milly’s whole (fakely) SatanicContinue reading “The Porpentine Sisters :oR: The Purity of Raining Rainbow Corpses”

Tempus Fugit :oR: The Garfield Blasphemies

The Garfield comicstrip always warned of the coming Life Abundance Apocalypse, a time (in creator Jim Davis’ lifespan (though Jim Davis only knew this in his most secret brain)) when civilization will come to an end, and the chaos of life will bloom worldwide. But a lot of people loved the Life Abundance Apocalypse, and that’sContinue reading “Tempus Fugit :oR: The Garfield Blasphemies”